Our Difference

Experience and Efficiency

Handling cases promptly and efficiently produces satisfied clients. We limit our caseload to serious litigation matters, believing it is the best way to utilize the firm’s experience, and fully prepare each case for settlement or trial in the shortest time possible. The average case at Mouton & Mouton resolves in nine to eighteen months.

Trial lawyers need to be willing to roll up their sleeves and learn the details of every case they handle. Mouton & Mouton does the majority of its investigative work in-house to ensure we pursue every relevant issue and know your case inside and out.

Clarifying the Legal Process

Clients are hurting, usually physically, financially and emotionally. The legal environment is intimidating and foreign to them. Communicating with clients and educating them about the process are important components of effective representation. At Mouton & Mouton, we strive to maintain regular communication with our clients and educate them regarding the system, the timetables, and the progress of their case. Such open communication ensures that our clients are kept informed and involved in their cases.

Expert Testimony

Serious personal injury and wrongful death cases usually require the assistance of one or more expert consultants and/or witnesses. With over 34 years of experience, we have developed a network of highly qualified experts to help develop winning case strategies and provide persuasive testimony at trial.

Understanding Jurors

Today’s jurors expect more from trial attorneys, and understanding juror attitudes and biases is extremely important to successful litigation. Our experience and use of focus groups, mock juries, and community surveys in appropriate cases, give Mouton & Mouton the insight to develop the winning strategy necessary for a successful settlement or jury verdict. Our extensive use of modern technology in the presentation of our client’s case is effective in keeping the jurors interested and alert, as well as clearly laying out our theory of the case.

Prepared for Trial

Most cases settle before trial, and that is true of the cases we handle. However, some attorneys are known to settle all their cases. Settlement value increases when Plaintiff’s counsel is ready, willing and able to effectively try the case to a jury. With over 34 years of trial experience, Mouton & Mouton is prepared to try every case we accept.