Drunk Driving Accidents

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Every state in the union has strong laws against driving while intoxicated, intended to protect drunk driving victims. Unfortunately these laws don’t always prevent drivers from getting behind the wheel while under the influence. In fact, there’s a  drunk driving death in America once every 32 minutes. Extrapolating this number to an annual figure, that means there are one million drunk driving deaths every year in this country. Adding in drunk driving victims who are seriously injured raises the number of those victims into the millions.

And each one of those drunk driving victims has the right to – and deserves – competent, persistent,  assertive legal counsel.

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The emotional and physical devastation resulting from drunk driving accidents is huge. And while no amount of money can completely heal your drunk driving injury, sometimes it helps just to know that someone is there fighting alongside you. We pride ourselves in fighting to help drunk driving injury victims and their families recover everything the law allows, including punitive damages from the impaired driver, and in some cases the supplier of the alcohol.

If you’re the victim of a drunk driving accident, you have a partner in your fight for justice.

35 years of experience helping drunk driving victims and their families recover financial losses.

If your spouse or the head of your household is the victim of a drunk driving death, you may be subject to severe financial losses as well as emotional devastation. Mouton and Mouton has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in verdicts and settlements in drunk driving death or drunk driving injury cases.

While this money comes as a small consolation to those who have lost loved ones to tragedy, these settlements and verdicts often mean the difference between keeping or losing a home, ensuring that the children of the victim are cared for, covering funeral or memorial services, medical costs if other family members were victimized, and the other, unforeseen expenses that become necessary when recovering from a devastating, traumatic event.

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