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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is devastating – both financially and emotionally – to the families, friends, and employers of victims, as well as to the victims themselves, due to the profound and long-term cognitive impacts of these injuries. But traumatic brain injuries have impact even beyond the obvious neuro-psychological damage.

A victim may experience difficulty communicating, walking, and swallowing, in addition to coordination, memory and balance issues, all of which may combine to inhibit the victim’s ability to interact with friends and family, to complete everyday household activities, or to maintain a job.

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Victims of TBI are often unable to return to work immediately, resulting in months or years of lost income and the depletion of life savings – in addition to the astronomical treatment costs associated with the injury. Tragically, some victims are never able to return to full employment. A certified rehabilitation counselor can quantify the loss of earning capacity, and a financial analyst can calculate the present value of the economic losses, and thus assess the necessity of a potential brain injury claim.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the only way for a victim to recoup lost wages is through the instigation of a brain injury claim. Our experienced traumatic brain injury lawyers can help you determine if a brain injury claim is the appropriate path for you.

Litigating a brain injury claim can be a time- and resource-draining process.

That’s why the Mouton Law Firm focuses on handling each brain injury lawsuit promptly, efficiently and thoroughly. We take a two-pronged approach to each brain injury lawsuit – working to avoid the costly procedure of going all the way to trial, while preparing exhaustively to win the most significant brain injury compensation package possible if that eventuality comes to pass.

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Traumatic brain injury lawyer Drew Mouton has more than 30 years of experience handling and trying serious traumatic brain injury claims, providing him unique insight into the emotional and financial struggles triggered by this devastating injury. Whether your injury was sustained in a car accident, on the job, as a result of violent crime, or even a playground accident, we can help you explore your options.

Mr. Mouton’s decades of work on brain injury lawsuits grants him access to the leading expert witnesses necessary to provide strong, persuasive testimony regarding the severe economic losses that make significant brain injury compensation an absolute necessity.

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