Trucking Crashes

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Each year, thousands of people are killed by 18 wheeler accidents. Government rules and regulations have been established for large trucks to reduce the danger to other motorists. Unfortunately, many trucking companies thirsting for huge profits encourage their drivers to take short cuts and place impossible demands on them, resulting in crashes that can seriously injure or kill innocent motorists or bystanders.

Modern technology allows Mouton & Mouton to reconstruct the pattern of behavior of both the truck and the driver for several hours, even days, before most accidents to expose the violations and irresponsible practices that increase risk to the public and often cause preventable crashes, serious personal injury and wrongful death.

Mr. Mouton has handled multiple cases involving truck accident injuries. He understands the technology, is familiar with the trucking industry and regulations, and knows the experts that can identify the shortcuts and violations that result in truck accident injuries and death.

Drew Mouton–experienced truck accident lawyer.

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